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Available are recordings -Songs, Interviews of scientists, farmers, activists and misc sounds at misc public demonstrations including Chernobyl, Ukraine & Fukushima, Japan.  Here is a unedited selection.





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Recent Press coverage :

3/11 and todays ongoing legacy : Asahi Shimbaum, Japan

[Popular Science February 2016] Fukushima: Five Years Later- A clear overview

[Put on a Happy Face – Japan]Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds, reporting from Japan now. This audio episode is on daily living impacts.

[Japan Diary 2016]Mary Olsen of NIRS reporting from Japan now

[The Telegraph UK photos]Namie: Abandoned Town in Japan’s Chernobyl

[Simply Info, the Fukushima Project 2014]Kawauchi: Citizens step in where government has failed Fukushima children

[Mainichi JP December 2015]Over 9 million bags of nuclear clean up waste piled up across Fukushima

[South China Morning Post February 2016]Five years on, contamination crisisJapan to consider ocean disposal [Ashahi Shimbum December 2015] [Ashahi Shimbum February2016]For Fukushima mothers, protecting children from radiation comes at a heavy price

[Fairewinds Energy Education November 2015]Cancer on the Rise in post-Fukushima

[Japan Times February 2016]Public Housing for Disaster Victims


Fact Sheets created by Beyond Nuclear. Please feel free to reproduce and distribute with credit.

Epic Fail: Électricité de France and the “Evolutionary Power Reactor”
The EPR: is it a reactor without a future? February 2015

Nuclear Power and Children
This fact sheet details the particular dangers radiation exposure poses to children’s health

Thorium and Nuclear Weapons
By Dr. Gordon Edwards. July 2013

Thorium Failures: A U.S. History
A look at the U.S. experience with thorium, by Bob Alvarez

Thorium: the wonder fuel that wasn’t
By Robert Alvarez, May 2014

The Myths About Thorium as a Nuclear Energy Solution
Beyond Nuclear Fact Sheet. 2012.

Pandora’s False Promises: The Integral Fast Reactor. Longer Fact Sheet
A more detailed and footnoted version of the IFR Fact Sheet. Jan. 2013.

Pandora’s False Promises: Two-Page Fact Sheet on the Integral Fast Reactor
A two-page summary of the myths and facts about the Integral Fast Reactor. January 2013.

Small modular reactors
A critical look by Dr. Edwin Lyman, Union of Concerned Scientists. November 21, 2012.

Freeze our Fukushimas – Shut US GE Mark I reactors
March 2012

Talking Points: Top ten reasons reprocessing is a bad idea
Nov/Dec 2008

Nuclear Power’s Toxic Assets: A View from Wall Street

Nuclear subsidies – an outline
May 20, 2009

Nuclear Power in France

In Support of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy and Jobs

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Climate Chaos and Nuclear Power

Individual Contributions to Rep. Upton Associated with the Nuclear Industry
October, 2010 update based on Federal Election Commission data

Renewable Electricity Production & Nuclear Power: A Climate-Saving Comparison
April 2010

Tritium:a universal health threat released by every nuclear reactor
March 2010

Radiation Basics: The what, why and how of radiation damage
March 2010

Rep. Upton’s Campaign Contributions from Nuclear Industry Related PACs
October, 2010 update based on Federal Election Commission data

Fred Upton, One of the Nuclear Industry’s Best Friends in Congress
2 page summary, updated 10/10/10

Fred Upton, One of the Nuclear Industry’s Best Friends in Congress
22 page report, with citations, 2008

Precaution is Prevention: A Roadmap

Routine Releases: Tritium and noble gases
January 2009

Ten Reasons to Say No to Nuclear and Ten Brighter Ideas

The Nuclear Power Nuclear Weapons Link
April 2008

NO safe dose
Listing of expert quotes stating there is no safe dose of radiation.